Everyday Purse Necessities for an On The Go Mom

Becoming a mom changes the essentials in your purse. This doesn’t mean that moms don’t remain fashionable but they have to become more organized. Moms need to be prepared for any accident, spill, or lipstick application that may come. 


Here is Manzanilla Sophia’s list of our top mom purse essentials:

Image: On The Go Mom
Image: Clear Mom Kit
Mini Mom Kit

Being a mom means you’re the go to person when your kids or partner need something. Whether it be a pen or neosporin when someone gets hurt. Packing your own mom kit can help save you a headache and relieve everybody else’s. Here are some of our favorite products to include in our mom kits: 


  • Pain Reliever: For headaches and husbands
  • Gum: For bad breath and freshness
  • Bandages: For accidents and toddlers
  • Neosporin: For accidents and toddlers
  • A Pen: You never know when you’ll need one!
  • Lotion: For dryness relief
  • Tweezers: For stickers and wood.
Beauty Bag

This kit is yours truly. Feeling beautiful is part of momhood and keeping a makeup bag on you can help with touch ups throughout the day. We like to include everything from mascara, press powder for oiliness, and Q-tips to clean up fall out. Customize this bag to your daily makeup products and uses, but never forget sunscreen and chapstick!

Image: Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes

Kids and partners can be messy, especially when they play and eat. Having wet wipes on hand is always helpful when you don’t want mucky hands or a face full of food surrounding you. You can even include disinfectant wipes to wipe down any surface or to wipe your hands before and after eating.

Eye Drops

When you’re always on the go it’s hard to keep up without your eyes getting tired or strained throughout the day. Your kids, as indestructible as they may see, can also get dirt and impurities in their eyes which causes discomfort.  This is where Manzanilla Sophia comes in. Our all-natural eye drops refresh and soothe your eyes. They also cleanse out waste! It is safe to use on all family members and makes for the perfect herbal formulated relief. 

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