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Elisa Ruiz Ramirez

Son incredibles, las compre gracias a que mire esta publicación y mis ojos me lo están agradeciendo! Recomendadas al 100%

Julisa Aguirre

Yo la uso. Es buenísima. Te refresca muy rico la vista. A mí se me resecan mis ojos y eso me sirve como lágrimas artificiales.

Martha Martinez

Yo las acabo de comprar hace unos días en la Walgreens y son super buenas. Limpian la vista muy bien.

Diaz Conni

Es muy buena. Yo las traigo de Tijuana y son excelentes gotas. Mi esposo las usa por su trabajo y se siente buy bien. Las recomiendo.

Maria Diaz

Las gotas para los ojos son muy buenas. Gracias por compartir

Odette T.

Miracle eye drops de Manzanilla

We usually buy these eye drops in bulk when we or someone we know is going to Mexico.. these eye drops are a miracle for pink eye too!
I highly recommend them. I’m glad I can purchase them through Amazon now


Rosy T.

Gotas de Manzanilla

No irrita y para limpiar los ojos es buena la uso diario por ahora no me ha traido problema la seguire usando para mi resequedad y limpiar mis ojo dice que es natural de manzanilla

Midnight Cowgirl

Great for sore and tired eyes

Great for sore and tired eyes. I have chemical burn on my inner eyelids and this product has been incredibly soothing for that. It also is soothing and moisturizing for the eyes themselves. I have repurchased several times and will continue to. Very happy with these drops.

Sunshine M.

Love it

When I have an eye problem (sty, pink eye, dry eyes, etc.) or just need to soothe my eyes, I usually make my own concoction of chamomile blossoms steeped in a bit of boiling water. It always works, and no need for medicine. These eye drops work just about as well and they are much easier (prep-free and no spoilage).


Fantastic Drops

Best drops ever. This Manzanilla Sophia Chamomile Herbal Eye Drops are fantastic, and feel great on your eyes. I don’t use them often, just when I need my red eyes to turn white and/or relieved. I hope it continues to be available here in Amazon, because I will be a repeat buyer.

Brenna O
Helped my dry eye issues!
I have struggled to find an eye drop that helps with my dry eye issue, one day a friend suggested chamomile and I found these drops! They work like nothing else has!

Treat Your Eyes

With Manzanilla Sophia Eye Drops, your eyes will feel renewed.