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10 Regalos De San Valentín Que Tu Esposo Amará

Valentine’s day is almost here. Some typical gifts include cards, flowers, and chocolates as a symbol of your affection. But if you want to step up your gift-giving game this year, we’ve got you covered. Manzanilla Sophia has gathered ten items that all men love. 

Remember, Valentine’s is about showing your appreciation and love. You don’t need to buy the most expensive or extravagant gift. It’s all about expressing gratitude for your person. Today we bring you a few ideas to impress your husband, like tools, DIYs, massages, and more. Below is the full list of items that will make your partner love you even more and feel grateful for you.

Do you know him well?

The trick to great gifts that everyone loves is to know the recipient well. So the longer you’ve been with your husband, the better. Think of things like his favorite sports, color, drinks, and so on.

Some questions you can ask yourself are, what does he do with his free time? What type of music does he listen to? Would he rather a physical gift or an experience? Does he like to work with his hands? These questions will help you gather information to become a great gift-giver.

Now that you’ve thought about what he is into and what hobbies he enjoys, let’s get down to the list of 10 gifts that will impress him. Make him love you even more with these presents. Ready? Let’s get started.

#1 - Quality time

Gifting your attention and time will always be the best gift you can give anyone, especially your husband. Valentine’s day is a holiday where men experience a lot of pressure trying to give you the perfect gift. So let him know that you love him by being present. 

According to Verily Magazine, GQ, and other publications, men want to spend quality time with you above all. Remove all distractions. Ditch your phone. Forget about taking the perfect photo for social media and have a good time with him. You can arrange delivery for dinner and select a nice movie to watch with him. Show him you care by allowing him to relax.

#2 - Car parts

If your man is rebuilding an old car or loves his truck, get him car parts. You may have to recruit his friends for this one if you aren’t sure what parts he needs. But you’ll gain so many points by gifting him something he can use and may otherwise not get himself.

Things you can get him include retrofitted headlights, seat covers, or new seats if it’s within your budget. Is he into sports cars? Get him some LED lights. If he is a Jeep guy, what about an RC version of his car? Yes, this may sound silly to you, but men love remote control cars. A tiny version of their offroad vehicle to goof around with their friends is all you need to give him. Ask his friend to help you figure out which gift he will love the most. 

#3 - Season pass

For the sports fanatics, what could be better than a season pass? Whether he loves basketball, football, or baseball, you can always grab a pair of tickets for him to a live event or an online season pass. He won’t stop talking about you if you get him this.

You can buy season passes for sports such as UFC, NFL, and NBA, amongst others. Figure out which sport he loves the most and surprise him with a pass he will use all year long. If you are a sports fan, you also get the added benefit of enjoying this with him. Get a babysitter, stock up on wings and drinks then get ready to have a great time together.

#4 - DIY

Men love putting on a tough facade, but deep down, they are emotional beings like every other human. Your significant other will melt if you spend time creating a personalized gift for him. Pay attention to his favorite things so you can come up with a wonderful gift to show him your appreciation.

Here are a few things you can do for him. Bake him muffins. Does he love chocolate or blueberries? Find out which flavor he loves the most, bake a few muffins, and add a little love note. Pro tip: use the term “stud muffin” in your gift box. He’ll feel like a million bucks. You can also make a gift basket with his all-time favorite snacks or give him love coupons. He can cash the coupons on days when he needs you the most, but you are a little distracted.

#5 - Good whisky

If your husband is into fine liquors, a bottle of whiskey will earn you some points. Men love a nice glass of aged whiskey on the rocks. You can pair this gift with an old-fashioned kit with bitters, simple syrup, and gourmet maraschino cherries

There are many options depending on your budget. Some of the best choices include Angel’s Envy, WhistlePig Homestock, Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Aged, Glendalough Double Barrel, and Jameson. Find one that suits his style and your budget, and make his day with a nice glass of whiskey.

#6 - Work out gear

Get workout gear for the fitness freak in your life. You can get him a pair of shorts, sweats, shoes or equipment. Brands like gymshark, lululemon and nike have comfortable outfits to enhance his workout experience. 

You can also visit your local sporting goods store for deals on common brands like under armour, adidas and nike. Kettlebells, straps, barbell clamps, bags, and resistance bands are also great gifts at an affordable price. Show him you care about his health and love for fitness with a thoughtful present.

#7 - Tools

If your husband is a bit of a Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, show him your love with a new set of tools. You can get him a tool bag or case if he already has plenty of tools. A new ½” impact wrench if he doesn’t have one already. This is one of the most sought-after tools ever. He can use that impact wrench to work in the house as well as his (and your) vehicle.

Other smaller, excellent tools include ratcheting box wrenches, hex sets, breaker bars, and press tools. If he is into woodworking, a nail gun, wood clamps, and circular saw will make him love you forever. Trust us. His friends will be jealous of him.

#8 - A massage

Does your husband work hard and always put everyone else above himself? Then show him you love him with a massage. You can book a couples massage if he’s never been to a spa before, or you can give him a coupon. He can keep the coupon and choose a convenient time to redeem it.

Men often overlook the importance of relaxation and quiet time. This will be a new and fun experience for him. No matter how you give him the massage, the important thing is the thought and effort you put into it. This is a great way to show your love and support. So go ahead and surprise your partner with a massage coupon, and watch as he melts into a state of bliss.

#9 - A vinyl

If he loves music and has a record player, a new vinyl is the answer. Giving your husband a vinyl of his favorite artist for valentine’s day is a thoughtful and personal gesture. It shows you pay attention to his interests and taste in music. This will be a gift he can cherish for years to come as he enjoys his favorite artist.

Remember to add a handwritten note or a special message to make it even more meaningful. You could also create a romantic atmosphere by setting up a record player and listening to the vinyl together. Overall, this will be a great gift and a meaningful gesture that any music lover will appreciate.

#10 - Care packages

Men often forget to restock on things like cologne, shaving cream, shampoo, and so on. Take a look in the shower and figure out which brands he likes. You can help him and give him a thoughtful gift by restocking his toiletries.

You can grab a nice toiletry bag and fill it with his favorite items. You can also add a new product he may not have tried yet, such as face serum. Men also need to take care of their skin but tend to overlook this step. Make his life easier and show him your love by keeping his toiletries stocked.

Will you be DIY-ing your valentine’s day gift, or will you be ordering one on amazon? Regardless of your choice, we hope this blog makes your life a little easier and removes the stress of not knowing what to give your husband this Valentine’s day. Follow Manzanilla Sophia on Instagram and Facebook for more family tips. Manzanilla Sophia eye drops were created to soothe and relax your eyes. Reduce the symptoms of visual fatigue with the power of chamomile. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today on Amazon.

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