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¿Por Qué Te Arden Los Ojos? 5 Razones Que Podrían Estar Afectando Tu Salud Visual Y Qué Hacer

Don’t take your sight for granted. Being able to perceive life visually is a great perk of being a human being. Can you imagine losing part of your vision or developing a color deficit disease? Your next vacation could feel less than spectacular if you cannot enjoy the views. That’s why everyone travels, to see the world. So, take good care of your eyes to have a long joyful life.

Diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts can creep up on you. Have your eyes been burning for a while? If so, what are you doing about it? Ignoring it like most people do or taking action? Manzanilla Sophia hopes you are ready to take action and be an ambassador for eye health.

Today’s blog discusses why your eyes can develop a burning sensation. Why it happens, what it means, and finally, five things you can do in your daily life to limit these pesky diseases. You can do it! Take good care of your visual health starting today with Manzanilla Sophia.

Eye strain occurs when you use devices for too long without giving your eyes a break or blinking enough. It shows up as tired and burning eyes. Your eyes could also get a little red and feel heavy.

Do your eyes burn after working, doing homework with the kids, and scrolling on your smartphone? If you experience an eye-burning sensation at the end of your day, eye strain could be the reason. Straining your eyes can be dangerous and can lead to further visual impairments. 

Ensure healthy eyes by taking breaks from your screen with the 20-20-20 rule and using calming chamomile eye drops. This rule states that for every 20 minutes staring at a screen, you should choose an object 20 feet away and stare at it for 20 seconds. This will ensure blinking and a nice rest for your eyes.

Dry eye syndrome affects anywhere from 16 to 49 million Americans. DES or DED is a disease that prevents your body from making good tears or producing enough tears. If your meibomian glands don’t produce oils, your tears lack one of the main elements, making them inefficient. 

Some main symptoms of dry eye syndrome include red, itchy, or burning eyes. When your eyes lack the correct lubrication, they get irritated. They also become prone to micro-injuries which can cause worse diseases. 

Manage your dry eye symptoms by using warm compresses, eating a healthy diet, consuming Omega 3 fatty acids, drinking plenty of water, and staying active. Check with your ophthalmologist if you have any of these symptoms to avoid further complications.

If you don’t drink enough water, you can suffer from eye fatigue and dry eyes. Why does that happen? Because your body needs plenty of water to function well. Your eyes included. 

Your tears are made out of oils, mucus, and water. If your body lacks the necessary water to create well-lubricating tears, you can end up with eye strain and dry eye syndrome. Both of these illnesses cause a burning sensation in your eyes. 

Save yourself the trouble by drinking plenty of water daily according to your activity levels and body weight. If you are unsure how much water you should consume, use this online calculator to get an idea. Remember, nothing can substitute water. Don’t try to meet your water intake needs with sugary or carbonated drinks. Sugar can lead to inflammation which will only create more eye issues.

Many people suffer from a runny nose and burning eyes when fall arrives. These are both symptoms of seasonal allergies. Other reasons that may cause allergies outside of the fall season include pet hair, dusty vehicle, mold, medications, and some foods.

Prevent or reduce allergies by wearing protective glasses, vacuuming pet hair, and applying cold compresses to your eyes. Be careful with allergy medications. Antihistamines can have drying effects, making your already sensitive eyes worse.

Soothe your burning eyes by using Manzanilla Sophia, drinking plenty of water, and consuming a well-balanced diet. The natural effects of chamomile will refresh, reinvigorate, and soothe that bothersome burning sensation.

What is photokeratitis? A sunburn of the eyes. You know the effects the sun can have on your skin. This is why you apply sunscreen on yourself and your kids before leaving the house on a sunny day. Well, the same goes for your eyes. They can also get sunburnt.

Have you ever considered your eyes when going out on a sunny day? Just as your skin burns, so do your eyes. The delicate outer layer of your eyes (cornea) can get sunburnt if overexposed to UV rays. This is a painful condition that will typically heal within a few days.

Some symptoms of eye sunburn include swelling of the eyes, sensitivity to light, migraines, seeing bright shapes, burning eyes, and even twitching. A few chamomile eye drops can do wonders to soothe your eyes if you ever get sunburnt in that delicate area. 

People often overlook their eye health. Making assumptions that your eyes will always be there can be dangerous. You need to take proper care of your eyes from a young age. 

Did you know the leading cause of vision impairment is cataracts? This cloudy disease develops from injuries to the eyes, aging, and changes in your eye tissue. So, prevent this disease by wearing sunglasses, staying away from the sun, avoiding bright spaces, and using a soothing eye drop to cleanse your eyes from debris.

Start your eye care regime as early as possible. Most Americans begin losing their sight at 50 years old. This is not as old as you think and could creep up on you. So start now. Below are 5 things you can do to take great care of your eyes. 

  1. Drink plenty of water: anywhere from 55-60% of healthy adults’ bodies are water. So, there is a significant correlation between your lack of water intake and many diseases. Prevent eye strain and other visual impairments by drinking lots of water. 
  2. Wear sunglasses: Choose good quality sunglasses. Glasses that cover the surface around your eyes are great for preventing pollen and debris from getting lodged in your eyes. If possible, choose sunglasses with at least 400 UV coverage to avoid eye sunburn and damage to your cornea.
  3. Eat Omega 3 and vitamins: Consume a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables like carrots, kale, and spinach. Fruits like oranges and kiwis are also great for eye health. And finally, include things like salmon, cod, and mackerel, which are all high in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting good eye health.
  4. 20-20-20 rule: If your job requires long hours in front of a device, sewing or welding, give your eyes a well-deserved break every now and then. The 20-20-20- rule states that every 20 minutes, you should look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It’s not hard, and it doesn’t take long, but your eyes will thank you for it. 
  5. Rest your eyes: Give your eyes a calm rest day. Grab a few cucumber slices, a bottle of a gentle chamomile eye cleanser, run yourself a bath, and enjoy the stillness. Apply a few chamomile eye drops, set the cucumbers over your closed eyes, and rest them for at least 10 minutes to relieve them from daily strain. 

Other things you can do include; keeping your eyelids clean, taking oil supplements, and staying active. Manzanilla Sophia hopes this blog was informative and answered all your questions. Do you have any direct questions about our eye drops? Please feel free to send us a message on Instagram or Facebook to have all your concerns addressed. 

How do you take care of your eyes? What new things did you learn on this blog? Leave us a comment below or on our social media channels. You can find Manzanilla Sophia on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We wish you a great week and incredible eye health.

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