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Stressing about summer childcare? Check these free and affordable summer camp options

Summertime can be stressful for all parents. Whether single or partnered, having your children home all summer can be challenging. You now have to hire a sitter, get support from a relative, or enroll them in summer camp. So, stop stressing and read our blog to check all your affordable and free options for summer camp. 

You and your child(ren) can decide which camp is best for your individual case. If you agree that summer camp is the easiest option for you, we’ve got you covered. In Today’s blog we’ll talk about some available camps where your children can go if you are seeking free or affordable lodging. So, get excited and let’s get started. Don’t forget to pack Manzanilla Sophia in your child’s bag. It’ll keep their eyes clean, relaxed, and ready for adventure. 

Summer camp scholarships

Did you know that there are organizations dedicated to giving scholarships so children can attend summer camp? Some organizations provide funding for your child to attend a summer camp of your preference, and others organize their own camps at no cost to you. These scholarships are usually income based and given on a first come first served basis. So, don’t sleep on it!

Below is a list of our favorite, most trusted organizations that provide free or affordable summer camps.

#1 - Volusia County

Located in the state of Florida, Volusia county provides free summer camps for children ages 5 through 14, from income eligible households. Five year olds must complete kindergarten by the application date to become eligible.

Campsite dates and location vary so make sure to check their website and apply early. Volusia County  scholarships go year after year so you can always apply for next year’s summer camp. They accept applications in both English and Spanish. Apply today!  

For more information on Volusia County free summer camps check this link.

#2 - School Of Mines

The South Dakota Mines University offers scholarships for their summer camp for children interested in STEM. This is a partial scholarship and parents will have to cover the cost of travel and lodging. 

This is a great opportunity for kids that love science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If your child shows an interest in these topics, send their application today. 

Check this link to learn more about this scholarship.

#3 - Summer Kids Guide

Summer kids offers scholarships for students between 6-18 years old. All applications need to be submitted by a parent or legal guardian with consent. This scholarship covers up to $500.00  of summer camp costs. Anything beyond the $500.00 scholarship needs to be covered by the parent or legal guardian. 

If elected your child will have the opportunity to attend the summer camp they chose to or they can choose a different one should that one be full by the time of acceptance. Find a list of all their camps here and send your child’s applications at this link.

#4 - Avid4 Adventure

Avid4 mission is to empower kids to choose an active, outdoor lifestyle by offering summer camp financial assistance. Scholarships are available to low and middle-income families. Avid4 Adventure inclusivity work has allowed them to provide full and partial assistance to many children of families in need. 

The income limit to apply for a scholarship at Avid4 Adventure is $100,000. Any family below this threshold will be given priority but anyone is encouraged to apply. So, check their website today and send your kid’s application.

#5 - City of Largo

The city of Largo, Florida also offers amazing scholarships for their summer camps. They also have after care available for an extra fee. Children can attend as early as 7am and leave as late as of 4pm. A great option for working parents. You need an income of $23,828 or less to be eligible for the Largo scholarships. 

At the Largo summer camps your kids will learn arts & crafts, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, education & enrichment, golf, performing arts and more. Hurry up, check their website today and send your kid’s application.

#6 - Sunrise Movement

A summer camp like no other. Is your child interested in climate advocacy? If so, this is the summer camp for them. Located at Camp Manitowa, Illinois, sunrise movement provides a camping experience for teenagers like no other. Here teenagers can meet other students from all over the country, make new friends, and learn about the current climate crisis while having fun. 

If elected your child will not need to pay for anything at all. Summer camp is 100% free and sponsored by the Sunrise Movement. Your child will also receive awesome merch and all meals. So don’t wait up! Send your application today! Still got questions? Check this link.

#7 - Fresh Air

In the heart of New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley your child can experience fun activities like swimming, arts & crafts, archery, learning guitar, exploring the outdoors and more. Fresh Air camps are known to build great self-confidence in their participants along with building lasting friendships. 

Fresh Air summer camps are available to children ages 8 through 15. This is a great opportunity for them to make new friends, develop leadership skills, and gain self-confidence. If you’re ready and want to learn more, check this link.

#8 - Salvation Army

Scholarships for kids of all ages? Yes, please! Thanks to the Salvation Army your child can enjoy a fun summer at camp despite your family’s income level. Get them ready to have a safe, fun, unforgettable summer experience and enjoy outdoor recreation with hands-on projects.

Kids will learn anything from swimming, canoeing, hiking, to archery, and more. There will also be arts and crafts, music, and drama for the creative minds. Your children will be encouraged to develop social skills through team-building activities, leadership training, and community service projects. This is a great opportunity for your child to have impactful experiences that are often only enjoyed by children from higher-income households. To apply, check this link today!

#9 - YMCA Summer Camps

With 23 locations across St. Louis and the Metro East area, The YMCA is a great resource for summer camp adventures. With the Y, your kids can explore, discover and create in a place that encourages confidence and community. The cost of a YMCA summer camp varies depending on location and type of camp. Luckily, most camps have options and adjust fees based on income. For camp locations and more info check this link.

#10 - GirlsWhoCode

Got a techie daughter? This could be the summer camp of her dreams. Girls who code is an initiative by women for girls. With GWC your daughter will develop amazing coding skills while developing her character and making new friends. With GWC your daughter can learn about game design, data science, computer science, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. So make your daughter’s STEM dream come true and apply for her chance to attend a one of a kind summer camp. More info at this link. 


Manzanilla Sophia hopes this blog gave you enough info to make this summer the best time for you and your kids. Every child deserves an unforgettable summer. Do your research and make their dreams come true with this info. 


Remember, summertime is right around the corner. One of the much needed summer items is a bottle of Manzanilla Sophia. It is safe for the entire family and powerful enough to cleanse and provide your eyes with the rest needed. Tackle all your summer adventures with the help of Manzanilla Sophia. Get yours today on Amazon. We are also available at Walgreens, and Walmart.


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