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20 Delicious Summer Dinner Ideas

Are you looking for easy lazy-summer dinner ideas? Well, look no further! Manzanilla Sophia gathered 20 delicious, fuss-free summer dinner ideas that are perfect for your family. We have anything from refreshing salads to satisfying grilled delights. Get ready to savor the flavors of summer with these effortless dinner ideas.


There’s nothing better than gathering your family around the table to share a meal. Whether you’re planning a relaxed backyard barbecue or a cozy dinner at home, these summer dinner ideas will make your dining experience a breeze. Get ready to create memorable moments with your loved ones with these summer dinner ideas for the family. Keep scrolling to see the list !

#1 – Brisket Tacos

Enjoy a tender, slow-cooked brisket with warm tortillas. A flavorful brisket accompanied by salsa, cilantro, and onions is the perfect quick meal to spend a summer evening with your family. Check this link for a brisket recipe.


#2 – Zucchini Boats

You won’t look at zucchinis the same way after this. All you need to do is scoop out the center of your zucchini and stuff it with a mixture of ingredients of your choice. You can use ground meat, veggies, and cheese to create a satisfying and nutritious meal. Bake them until golden and enjoy with your loved ones. For a full recipe check this link


#3 – Chicken Shawarma Salad

Enjoy tender, marinated chicken shawarma slices served over a bed of fresh greens, with colorful veggies.This meal is packed with protein and an array of Mediterranean spices. This chicken shawarma salad is a healthy and satisfying choice for a summer family dinner.


#4 – Shrimp Tacos 

Whether grilled, sautéed, or fried, shrimp tacos are a delicious summer option. Add a dash of flavor to your week with some easy shrimp tacos. Top them with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado slices, and a squeeze of fresh lime for a great mix of textures and flavors. 


#5 – Grilled Mahi Mahi 

Grilling is a great cooking method for Mahi Mahi, as it adds a smoky char and depth to its flavor. Grilled Mahi can be served as an entrée or as an ingredient in other dishes. It pairs well with pineapple or mango salsa, adding a refreshing and tangy element to the dish. Serve it alongside a bed of greens or on top of a vibrant summer salad for a light and healthy meal option.


#6 – Lettuce Wraps

These wraps are not only delicious but also fun. You can serve lettuce wraps as an appetizer or as a main course alongside steamed rice or a salad. Lettuce wraps are a fantastic choice for a light and healthy summer meal. They offer a delightful combination of taste and texture, making them everyone’s favorite.


#7 – Chicken & Nectarine Salad

This salad is a perfect option for a light meal during the warm summer months. The combination of grilled chicken, nectarines, and fresh greens creates a delicious meal that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Click here for a recipe!


#8 – Grilled Veggie Pizza

A summertime classic! Veggie pizza. Who doesn’t love a cheese slice of fresh veggie pizza. All you need to do is grill your favorite vegetables, toss your favorite sauce on a flatbread or pizza crust and add your toppings. Can’t get any easier than this. If you want to follow a recipe, here is one that you’ll love.


#9 – Grilled Salmon

Salmon is not only light and delicious but it’s also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. There are about 1,774mg of Omega-3 per 6 oz of wild salmon. Serve it with roasted veggies, a fresh salad, pasta or your favorite side. If you want to get inspired, here is a recipe your family will love. 


#10 – Veggie Sandwich

Pick your favorite veggies, some cream cheese, goat cheese, or hummus and get cooking. This is the easiest way to enjoy a fresh meal with almost no effort. All you need to do is spread hummus on your bread of choice, pile up your favorite veggies, top with microgreens, and close. You can toast it, panini press it or eat it raw. For a quick delicious recipe check this link


#11 – Tostadas 

A classic lazy meal in all hispanic households. You just need to fry tortillas or buy tostadas (already fried), spread beans on your tortillas, then top off with ground beef and your favorite toppings. Common toppings include, cheese, cilantro, sauce, jalapenos, sour cream and radishes. Feel free to add your own spin.


#12 – Tortellini

Tortellini can be served as a fresh summer meal. It’s a great option for barbecues or any family gathering. You can customize the ingredients based on your family’s favorite ingredients. A nice asparagus lemon creamy sauce may be all your need for your summer tortellini. Check this recipe now! 


#13 – Taco Salad

Enjoy southwest flavors with a quick taco salad. You can buy a rotisserie chicken to save some cooking time, we recommend garlic or lemon flavor. In a bowl, add rice, beans, corn, tomatoes and your favorite veggies, top it off with tortilla chips and you’re good to go. Taco salads are full of color, vitamins and flavor. Don’t miss out! 


#14 – Turkey Burgers

Have you ever tried a well seasoned juicy turkey burger? If not, you need to check this recipe as soon as possible. Use the same toppings as your regular burger and enjoy with sweet potato fries, onion rings, or regular fries. What’s your favorite side dish for burgers? Pro tip: smoke from the grill can irritate and hurt your eyes, apply a few drops of Manzanilla Sophia before you begin cooking to protect your eyes. 


#15 – Wraps

Whether turkey, chicken or beef, wraps are a fun, mobile and delicious way to eat. We love a crispy buffalo chicken wrap. The mix of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with buttermilk fried chicken makes for a crunchy effortless meal. Find recipes at this link.  


#16 – Kebabs

Meat on a skewer? Yes, please! Kebabs are an easy and beautiful meal. You just need to cut your protein in chunks, season well (for at least 30 min), then build your kebabs and throw on the grill. What’s your favorite protein to grill? Let us know in the comment section.


#17 – One Pan Meals

What’s easier than throwing veggies and a chicken breast on a baking sheet then baking for an hour? Very few things. So join us in the one pan meal craze with your family. Simple, delicious yet guaranteed to make everyone happy. Try this recipe


#18 – Caprese Chicken

Almost as good as pizza! Caprese may seem fancy but it’s a simple recipe that anyone can pull off. Perfect for summer when you can use fresh, in season tomatoes and artisan cheese. If you’re looking for a recipe check this link

#19 – Paninis

Pressed Sandwiches? Yes please. Paninis are light and full of fresh ingredients. They’re quick, customizable, and perfect for summer. What we love about them is that they don’t require much time and are portable for picnics. Enjoy a satisfying meal without feeling heavy, allowing more time outdoors with your family.


#20 – Jicama Salad

Have you heard of Jicama? This delicious crunchy vegetable has become very popular in the last few years. Pair it with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets and make your own salad! You can also add watermelon or strawberries for a sweet tangy flavor. 


Thank you for reading our blog. Which of the twenty recipes was your favorite. Which one will you be trying next? We hope you feel inspired and ready to make delicious meals for you and your family this summer.

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20 Delicious Summer Dinner Ideas


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