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10 of the Best Family Adventures in Illinois

Illinois is a beautiful state with a wide variety of sceneries. You can find mountains, big cities, small quaint towns, theme parks, ice rinks, arboretums, and much more. Today, Manzanilla Sophia brings you a list of ten places where you can take your loved ones and enjoy all the beauty Illinois offers. Grab your snack and a bottle of Manzanilla Sophia to keep your eyes clean and fresh throughout the day, and head out for a great family adventure.

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1. Sugar Grove Family Fun Center

Located in Sugar Grove, Illinois, this fantastic theme park offers go-karts, mini-golf, and a water park, among other activities. At a very affordable price with packages ranging from eight to twenty-seven dollars, it’s hard to beat the fun and convenience delivered by sugar Grove. Plan your next family adventure here and leave it to sugar Grove to provide lots of fun and delicious food.

2. Shawnee National Forest

Located between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in southern Illinois, the Shawnee National Forest offers fishing, boating, and horseback riding, among many other outdoor activities. A quick hike to the Cave or the Pomona bridge on the eastern side can turn your day off into a great adventure day. Make sure to pack snacks for the children and a bottle of Manzanilla Sophia so that air and dust do not keep you from enjoying your day outdoors.

3. Wolff's Flea Market

Wolff’s Flea Market is a beautiful outdoor market open from April to October in Rosemont, Illinois. Plan a visit with your family to this fun market and score a few deals. You can also enjoy drinks, churros, tacos, and other foods with the family while you shop and decompress from a long week of work. Make Wolff’s a tradition and calmly enjoy your free time with your family.

4. Blackberry Farm

With train rides, a carousel, boats, and concessions, Blackberry Farm is the place you’ve been looking to enjoy a simple weekend with the family. Fifty-four acres filled with beautiful views turn this farm into a movie-like scene. Pack a few snacks and head to Aurora, IL, to enjoy all the beauty that Blackberry Farm has to offer.

5. Matthiessen State Park

Located on Illinois State Route 178, this beautiful state park is home to three impressive waterfalls, canyons, and many streams. If you want to see all three waterfalls start your hike at the log fort and continue through the upper dells trail towards the Lake. You can also have a nice picnic or spend the night at one of the campgrounds. The options are endless at Matthiessen State Park, where the fun never runs out.

6. Home Alone House

Located in Winnetka, Illinois, and owned by John and Cynthia Abenshien, the famous home where Kevin McCallister was left alone during a crazy Christmas, is a fun stop for a quick family photo and a giggle. Take the children on a one-of-a-kind adventure they’ll never forget and will have them talking about for years. Visitors recommend that you also check the church nearby, which is a beautiful landmark. Pack your bags and head to town with Manzanilla Sophia to discover the fun the Home Alone house offers.

7. Lake Michigan

Listed as one of the five Great Lakes of North America and the second-largest on the list, Lake Michigan is bound to blow your family’s mind. Find a beach along the shore for some swimming and relaxation, or enjoy a day of boating, fishing, or canoeing. Sand and sun can hurt your eyes and those of your family, so take Manzanilla Sophia with you to cleanse your eyes and enjoy your lake day.

8. Snowstar Winter Park

If you and your family enjoy winter sports, head to Andalusia, Illinois, where you can ski, snowboard, or go snow tubing at Snowstar Winter Park. With a terrain of 28 acres to enjoy during the winter months, Snowstar is an attraction that will have the entire family smiling. There is also disc golf and zip lining in the facilities. Make sure you pack healthy snacks and lots of water for the children. After a cold day in the snow, you may enjoy a coffee or chamomile tea at the top of the mountains.

9. The Morton Arboretum

Offering an outdoor museum, library, public garden, and herbarium, The Arboretum is fantastic to unwind after a busy week and let the kids be free. Head to Lisle, Illinois, and enjoy the incredible outdoor sculptures. They also offer summer science camps, STEM, and children’s camping. Head to The Morton Arboretum and have an unforgettable day.

10. Lincoln Park Zoo

Of course, we could not leave the Lincoln Zoo out of the list. It is the fourth oldest Zoo in North America, and it offers free admission, making it a favorite among Chicago and Illinois families. Grab some water, get the kids in the car, and head to the Lincoln Zoo for an adventure-loaded day at no cost. We recommend you bring money for snacks or pack healthy snacks to get you and your family through the day.

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We hope this list inspires you to get out and make the best of your time off. Surprise your family with a quick adventure around town, at a low cost and with lots of fun. Always take Manzanilla Sophia, so your eyes do not suffer throughout your adventures. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more family content. Use our hashtag #ManzanillaSophia to show us what you end up visiting.

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