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5 Delicious Holiday Meals That Represent Your Latino Heritage From Manzanilla Sophia Eye Drops

Why Manzanilla Sophia Eye Drop Cares About Representing Latino Culture

Being Latino comes with the huge perk of delicious, colorful dishes. Whether you’ll spend the holidays in your country of origin or the United States, Manzanilla Sophia eye drops, wants you to honor your heritage by eating great Latino meals. So, the creators of your favorite chamomile eye drops have gathered 5 delicious recipes from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and other Latin American countries to help you gather cooking inspiration this holiday season. Join Manzanilla Sophia on a gastronomic tour and draft your holiday menu.  

1) Mexican Pork Tamales

In the first place, we have Tamales, of course! This delicious meal enjoyed in many countries is a staple during Christmas and New Years. Although you don’t need an excuse to make this savory dish, it is highly anticipated around the holidays. Do not let your guests down. Gather the necessary ingredients before the stores get jam-packed. You’ll need the following items, pork butt or shoulder, red chile sauce, masa, and corn husks. Find a full recipe and step-by-step instructions here.

2) Pozole Rojo

This delicious red stew will have your guests asking for seconds, so make a big pot. Its name comes from the main ingredient, hominy corn or pozole, in Spanish. All you need is some pork shoulder and peppers such as Ancho and Poblano. Sear and roast the pork. Roast your peppers, add onions, cilantro, garlic, and simmer until the pork is tender and shreds easily. For a full recipe and step-by-step directions, check this link. Pair this meal with radishes, avocado, queso fresco, a lime wedge, and you’ll have very happy guests. Chopping onions and peppers can irritate your eyes, so keep Manzanilla Sophia with you to soothe and rest your eyes after those long cooking sessions. 

3) Pernil

This tasty Puerto Rican barbeque is a delicacy amongst Latinos. The tricky part about Pernil is mastering a tender inside while having crispy skin. To achieve that, bake it at a low temperature for 2 hours in a covered baking dish with some broth or water. Remove from the oven at the 2 hours mark, add more water to the baking dish if needed, then bake again for 2 more hours. After that, bake on high to obtain that crispy, tasty skin. Some great sides include; tostones, guacamole, rice and pigeon peas (another Puerto Ricans staple), pickled onions, baked beans, or green salad. Pair with any sides you want. We wish you good luck making this deliciously complex dish and hope you can impress your guests. 

4) Buñuelos

Now, moving on to dessert. Of course, sweets make up a great part of the holidays, and we could not leave out this delicious yet easy dish. Famous in Mexico and many Latin countries, this dish will not disappoint your guests. Many remember their grandmothers and moms making buñuelos in the kitchen. Well, now it’s your chance to sharpen your chef skills and get to cooking. Manzanilla Sophia found this recipe that will guide you step-by-step on how to prepare some delicious non-greasy buñuelos. For further assistance, check this link. You can buy the sauce, but homemade will always be better. All you need is patience and diligence, and you’ll enjoy incredibly delicious buñuelos.

5) Arroz con Leche

An absolute delicacy from Latin America and Asia, also known as rice pudding in the United States, arroz con leche will have your guests licking their spoons. The difference between rice pudding and arroz con leche is that in Latin countries, the rice is cooked directly with milk and a few cinnamon sticks instead of adding milk after. This technique yields thicker and richer rice. All you need is rice, milk, cinnamon, whole cloves, and a few other ingredients. Here is a complete list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make this mouthwatering dessert. Do not let your family and friends down this Christmas, and prepare some delicious arroz con leche.

After long hours in the kitchen, you’ll likely be a little tired. Treat yourself to a spa day and apply a few drops of Manzanilla Sophia eye drop with cucumber slices to relax and unwind. Take care and rest so you can enjoy the holidays to the maximum. Manzanilla Sophia is available at Walmart, Walgreen, Amazon, and Latino Stores around the US. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more cooking content. We wish you unity and happiness during the holidays and all year long.

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