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5 Free Adventure Ideas For Your Family

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Spending quality time with your family is something we all wish we could do more. Sometimes the budget is tight, and you can’t afford to spend money to go out for a family activity. Manzanilla Sophia is here to give you 5 free family adventures to strengthen the bond in your family and spend quality time with each other!

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Go On A Hike

Hiking trails are a great way to get your kids outside and off their electronic devices. The whole family can learn about plants and animals in person rather than through a book or a phone. Most parks have trail guides or information panels that describe the vegetation and wildlife you’ll see on their trails! It will also give your family time to catch up on your daily lives and goals. You can also make it a weekly event with your family!

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Go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another way to get your family involved in the great outdoors. Build your cardio, confidence, and connection as your family soars through the trails. There are different difficulty levels on mountain biking trails, which gives your family a challenge to look forward to each time. Your family can also build their biking trails as they grow their mountain biking skills! Another easy adventure your family can implement every week.

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Go To The River, Lake, or Beach

When it comes to water activities, adventure options for your family are endless. At the river, lake, and beach, your family has plenty of choices for activities. They can go swimming, tubing, kayaking, fishing, cliff jumping, playing volleyball, or other similar sports and games next to the water. It’s a great way to get outside, enjoy the sun and cool off in the water. All you need is a towel!

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Create An Obstacle Course

An easy adventure you can make around a house in the backyard or a close field is an obstacle course. You can take objects around the house and create obstacles to track each other’s time to see who can complete the course the fastest! The kids will exercise their creativity in making the obstacle course and get you to utilize your creativity in helping them. Your family can set your own rules, routes, and times to beat together!

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Go Camping

Are you searching for a way to disconnect your family from the monotonous routines and internet distractions? Try a camping trip! Your family can go to a national, state, or local park and stay overnight or for the weekend. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your family because of the lack of internet. Everyone will have to rely on each other and nature for entertainment. The experience will strengthen your family bond and give you all family stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime!

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The outdoors is a go-to avenue to build a better connection with your family, and most of the activities are free! As you all come across obstacles and challenges, the family will work together to overcome them. These adventures will build your family’s trust, confidence, and appreciation for each other. While embarking on these journeys, you are bound to get dry eyes on some of them. Prepare your family for the elements with our Chamomile-infused Manzanilla Sophia eye drops. See your family’s connection with one another grow!

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