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5 Ways To Keep Your Family Organized And Stay On Track

You love your family and want what’s best for them. You’d hate to miss a special event but often feel overwhelmed. If that sounds like you, Manzanilla Sophia is here to help you. We understand that families have many members, and everyone has a life of their own. But it is crucial to remain involved in each other’s lives and support each of your family members.

Manzanilla Sophia has gathered 5 family organizing methods you can adopt to keep your family in order. You will learn old-fashioned ways that only require markers and a board, as well as smartphone applications you can use on the go. So do what’s best for your family and begin using any of these family organizers today. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is family organization important

Having good organization as a family helps build a sense of community and reliance among family members. It also keeps communication channels open, allowing everyone to voice their thoughts and opinions.

Keeping your family organized can improve communication, increase productivity, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and provide a sense of accomplishment for all family members. Continue reading to find out how to set your family up for success with these organizational methods.

#1 - Use an App

Using a family organizing app can have many advantages and make everyone more productive. There are many apps available for family organization. These are Manzanilla Sophia’s recommended apps to keep a family well organized.

  • Google Calendar: 100% free and very easy to use. You can sync calendars and keep notes. Accept and decline family meetings and events. This app will have the entire family in line with minimal effort.
  • Cozi: An App created for families. Track everyone’s activities in one place. Use color coordination for at-glance reviewing, sharing grocery lists, and more.
  • OurHome App: With OurHome, your children and family members will do their tasks while playing. This engaging app will help your children do their house chores without you having to say a single word. 


If your family members are tech-savvy, get one of these apps today and start keeping great track of family matters. Missed parent-teacher conferences and having to reschedule will be a thing of the past. Stay on track with any of these great apps. 

#2 - Have a kitchen whiteboard

Using a whiteboard to keep track of your family’s events and to-dos has been a common organization method for many years. A family organization board allows you to split all chores, keep track of groceries and mark special dates. Take a look at your whiteboard every morning before you start your day. It’s a helpful way to keep everyone organized.

Benefits of using a whiteboard:

  • Don’t need a device: you will have access to your family’s events in one place without using a device.
  • Paperless: only buy the whiteboard once and markers when needed.
  • Visualize things: Visualize the best day for an event thanks to an organization by day and columns.
  • Easy access to information: Access your information by walking into your kitchen. You can also keep a photo of the most updated board on your smartphone.


Give this method a try if you want to have an organized family. Ensure family members keep the whiteboard updated so nobody misses any important events. 

#3 - Use a sticky note Calendar

Another simple method for family organization is a sticky note calendar. Family organization calendars come in many forms, but Manzanilla Sophia loves this one because it is easy to use. 

You’ll only need a big empty calendar or a whiteboard calendar and mini sticky notes. Write all your events on sticky notes and adhere them to the board. Our favorite part about this method is that you can move events around. You’ll have a nice monthly at-glance calendar where you can figure out where to move an event if needed. 

Benefits of using a sticky note calendar:

  • Move meetings and events: With the power of sticky notes, you can move events and activities around without a headache. 
  • No phone or apps needed: Great for families with members who are not tech-savvy.
  • Excellent at-glance view: Perfect for getting a full glimpse of your month or week. 


Sticky calendars are a painless way to keep your family organized and stay on top of your activities.

#4 - Have a family chat

Having a family chat can be an excellent way to stay connected with your loved ones and keep the lines of communication open. Use apps such as messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, or any other chat service to keep the family updated on important events.

This chat can be a place to share updates, discuss important issues, and plan family activities. A family chat can also be a way to support and encourage one another, and build a sense of community within your family. Additionally, having a regular time to check in with each other can help to strengthen family bonds and create a sense of belonging.

Benefits of having a family chat:

  • Share updates: share important messages with the entire family at once and without fuss.  
  • Stay connected: Families need to stay connected and informed. Share what is going on in each other’s lives so others don’t miss out on anything.
  • Prevent conflict: Having a family chat removes stress and allows all members to express themselves freely. Having a chat where family members can vent will prevent many issues. 


Use this excellent method to stay organized and keep communication channels open in your family. Perfect for tech-savvy families, but can always be taught to anyone.

#5 - Have family meetings

Organizing family reunions can sound daunting. But in reality, it’s not. Select a date and time for a quick family meeting (no more than 20 minutes). You can choose a biweekly date to meet with all family members and align calendars. 

This is also a great time to have discussions that were not covered during the week. Children go through a lot and often don’t tell their parents. These meetings will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and important events. 

Some benefits of having regular family meetings include:

  • Improved communication: Family meetings provide an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and be heard.
  • Stronger relationships: Spending time together and working towards common goals can help to strengthen family bonds.
  • Better problem-solving: Family meetings allow families to come together and brainstorm solutions to problems or challenges they may be facing.


Family meetings can ensure that all family members have a say in important decisions and feel like they are a valued part of the family. Give this method a try and watch your family members develop into great community members.

These are 5 proven ways to keep your family organized and everyone happy. Stop missing school recitals and important events while developing great family bonds. If you enjoyed this entry, share it with a friend or relative. If you love to read and want more productivity tips, check the rest of our blogs. Manzanilla Sophia homeopathic eye drops are perfect for soothing your fatigued eyes. Find us at Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart today.  

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