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Family Adventures With Young Adults

Why Are Family Vacations So Important?

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Why now? The simple answer is connection. With your kids all taking on new life experiences alone, they need that family time to stay constant.

Raising them to be hard-working and responsible adults is great and all, but what’s even better than that is being able to get a glimpse of the kind of person they have grown up to be in adulthood.

This is a time for them to share their adventures + accomplishments with you that they have acquired during school or work. It’s a time for everyone to remember what matters the most – family!

This blog was created by Manzanilla Sophia, chamomile eye drops, to help you plan the family adventure of a lifetime!

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Find A Date That Works For Everyone

As the kids get older, their schedules begin to change quicker than we might even realize. Each of your children are on their own journey into adulthood whether that means college abroad or going into the air force academy.

It can be a challenge to get everyone to make time in their busy schedules for a family vacation together, especially if done last minute. That’s why planning ahead is key.

The only real secret to making sure all the kids can make it for the trip is by setting a date that will absolutely work for all the family members – this way they can plug it into their calendars and save the date.

Where Should We Take Our Family Trip?

For all of our outdoorsy families out there – ‘Glamping’ has become popular if you want that extra level of fun + comfortability! Taking wilderness trips up a notch, ‘Glamping’ is basically a glamorous version of camping. It’s in the name.

A normal camping trip usually entails a sleeping bag inside of a tent on the ground. With glamping, you are able to embrace mother nature and still have that comforting feeling of being at home.

There’s many places around the world that partake in glamping and can be anywhere from a tiny home to a yurt to a resort. You can stay local to your country or travel to a glamping spot around the world.

There’s so much nature has to offer…Why not experience the outdoor scenery from the comfort of your homey + beautiful glamping spot?

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By The Water

Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing pina colada and some oysters by the water? They are adults now after all.

Beach-style vacations with the family are simply the best. The options are endless. You all can travel to an exotic location and take advantage of the excursions your hotel offers such as island hopping, paddle boarding or snorkeling.

If you want to be on the water, a cruise is the best option. Most of them are all-inclusive which means food + drinks are accounted for when purchasing your tickets, and this gives you and your family the chance to experience visiting many locations on your trip.

Boutique hotels on the peer are a great choice if you want to experience a more luxe and comfy hotel that feels like home. Smaller and more refined than a commercial hotel, boutique hotels offer a unique travel experience!

On The Road Again

Vroom vroom…Let’s take a road trip! There’s something special about the entire family jumping into one vehicle and letting the road lead the way. Fun-filled games and endless snacking, road trips are the ultimate bonding experience for families.

Spontaneous and exciting, road trips can expose you to new places you may have never even heard of before! From spending the night at local motels to trying new restaurants, your family will spend time creating memories together.

Prefer life on wheels? The van life might just be right for you. It all starts with converting your van into a DIY camper. Once that’s done, you can pack your bags and hit the road, Jack! Full of surprises, you never know what the day will bring when living the van life, but that’s what makes it interesting!

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Embrace New Cultures

Guided tours in other countries can be a time-saver when it comes to creating an itinerary and also allows you and your family to meet new people.

If you are new to traveling outside of the country and aren’t familiar with international travel, embarking on a guided tour in a world-famous country can be super fun + less stressful all around!

Immersing yourself in different cultures around the world is one of the most bonding experiences for a family, especially if this is your kid’s first time as young adults.

Places such as Japan, Thailand, and Italy/France are rich in diversity and historic landmarks for you to see. Aside from that, these countries have amazing local cuisine and cocktails to try!

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What To Pack

Basic Essentials for Travel:

  • Passport
  • First Aid Kit
  • Clothing for Travel Destination
  • Hygiene Items (Toothbrush, BodyWash, Shampoo, EyeCare, Etc.)
  • Wallet
  • Charger


These items will vary depending on which type of family adventure you choose to go on! For example, you will need hiking boots for camping but a bikini for the beach vacation.

Base your packing guide on where you and your family decide, and have a great time together. This is going to be an adventure to remember!

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