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How to Help Your Child in a Virtual Learning Environment

Online schools have been around since the 90s, but it took a pandemic for society to truly pay attention to them. In the spring of 2020, the world stopped for a moment, and adjustments were needed. One of them was virtual learning. Parents started working from home, and children began attending school using laptops. It is now 2022, and many kids have continued their studies online. Manzanilla Sophia wants to help with this new challenge, so today, we bring you a few tips on how to set them up for success.

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Proper Equipment and Tools

The most important part of virtual learning is access to a laptop, often provided by the school system, and fast wifi to attend live classes and finish homework. Make sure your child has the basics; wifi, laptop, necessary books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and art supplies. Internet access can be expensive. Luckily, because of the virtual learning wave of 2020, there are some options now. Lifeline is a great provider. Lifeline provides internet access for as low as $9.25 per month to qualifying families. Check the availability in your town and set your children up for success.

Prepare Your Learning Environment

Another crucial element of learning is the environment in which the children study. Dark, messy rooms lead to poor education and distraction. Place your child’s desk near a natural light source and keep their rooms clean. Preferably, choose a space in the house outside of their bedroom where they can study to procure separation from bed/play and study time.

Follow a Schedule and Be Consistent

Having a schedule is critical, but consistency matters the most when it comes to learning. So, make sure your children are consistent with their studies. Research suggests that the most effective time to study is when the brain is in acquisition mode, which happens from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm. Set your children up for success by making their schedules match these hours for optimal learning.

Set Achievable Goals

Please, don’t overdo it and manage your expectations. Changes are rough, and kids are still getting acclimated to a new learning style. They may not feel very confident, and asking questions may be harder than ever. So set up daily, weekly, and monthly goals for your kids but ensure they are doable. Check their homework and sign off their paperwork as needed to keep them in line. Help them with school organization while teaching them independence and responsibility from a place of kindness.

Creative/Outside Time

Creativity is essential because it makes you a better problem solver and is an outlet for anxiety and stress. Always leave time during the day for your children to exercise their creativity, whether it is water coloring, crafts, drawing, learning a musical instrument, dancing, or photography.

Keep Them Healthy

Studies suggest that people who eat a healthy and balanced diet have better mental health, enhancing their cognitive skills such as concentration and memory. So in return, eating well and keeping your children fed throughout their school days will help them learn and retain that knowledge better. Include a combination of vegetables, healthy fats, slow-releasing carbs, and lean proteins to keep their brains working optimally.

A girl learning on a laptop for the manzanilla sophia blog

We hope you implement these tips to help your children achieve their educational goals and be better community members. Let us know how their virtual learning goes using the hashtag #ManzanillaSophia. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for further family and adventure tips.

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