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How To Support Your Children To Raise Healthy Adults From Your Favorite Homeopathic Remedies, Manzanilla Sophia

Why Manzanilla Sophia Homeopathic Remedies Cares About Your Family’s Health

Manzanilla Sophia, homeopathic remedies, cares about the well-being and health of you and your family members. We know you love your children and want what’s best for them. But parents sometimes get caught up in the routine and may lose track of what’s going on in their children’s life. Today, the makers of your favorite chamomile eye drops, bring you a few tips on how to support your children without hindering their personal growth. Keep reading to learn how you can lovingly support your children and be the kind of parent they deserve.

Expressing Feelings

Children are learning how to deal with and manage their feelings. Children are small individuals with big feelings. This is why you see them scream and yell in public spaces with embarrassed parents pulling at their arms. So how can you ensure your child knows how to express their feelings safely?

- Verbalize

Teach your children from a young age the vast array of human feelings and emotions and how to name them. Initially, they may have a hard time distinguishing between mad and tired, or sad and anxious. So ask them questions that will help them elaborate on their feelings. This way, they will learn the difference between their feelings, and once they can verbalize them, you can move on to the next step listed below.

- Validate

Once your children tell you they’re scared, nervous, embarrassed, or jealous. Validate this! Do not try to teach your child to hide it and “get over it.” This is not a healthy way to deal with feelings and leads to codependent adults—something you do not want for your beloved children. So take time to validate their feelings. Allow them to express themselves safely and give them time to feel better. Create a safe environment so they can feel loved and understood. This does not mean you must spend several hours validating your children’s emotions. There must be a limit to everything. 10-20 minutes to talk about feelings and how to get past them should be enough. The only exception would be autistic children. They do need substantially more time.

- Soothe

Hug your child or let them sit on your lap while discussing the issue they are going through. Think of when you were a kid and how you needed support. Yes, as an adult, we know you have bigger issues to deal with, but hey, you are a parent now. Your little one needs you, and you must be present for them. Find healthy ways to soothe your children and get through this tough time together and mindfully.

Quality Time

Depending on your childhood, you may have memories of your parents leaving you alone or not being there for you when you needed them the most. Now that it’s your turn to be a parent do not do this to your children. Be present for them, be kind, and be loving. Your child will not remember you working overtime to buy them those expensive Christmas presents. But they will remember when you took them out for ice cream and watched a beautiful sunset with them. Be conscious of how much time you spend working and how much time you devote to your little ones. Below are a few tips for spending high-quality time with your children.

- Morning Routine

Spend 15 minutes in the morning with your children before sending them off to school or going to work. You can simply read them an inspiring story to prepare them for the day, play a game, do some stretches, or even let them help you cook breakfast. Slow down! Parents are often caught up in a fast-paced routine that does not include their children. Have you ever seen the movie; Yes day? Your kids love you, but you are putting a wall between you and them. Slow down and watch beautiful things unfold in your family life.

- Weekly Dates

Just like work meetings, your children deserve to be scheduled into your life. Set time aside each week for family time. Take them on an ice cream date, on a hike, or go to the movies together. No matter what it is, your children will love spending time with you. Believe it or not, you are their hero. So, act like one and devote some time to your little ones.

- Indoor Adventures

Another good way to spend family time with little effort and barely any cost is to have adventures at home. Build a fort, have an art day, let them perform a play, learn an instrument, or camp in your backyard or living room. Children have a fantastic imagination. So, they don’t need much to have a good time. All they need is you, be there for them.

Build Their Confidence

One highly dangerous thing parents do is compare their children to other people’s children. Why can’t you be like so and so’s daughter? If only you were more like so and so, my life would be much easier! Stop this today! These are the worst words that can be uttered to a developing child. It impedes their self-development and destroys their self-esteem. It makes them feel like they’re not enough. Cheer your child and lovingly guide them to the right path without asserting competition. Teach them they are whole and loved just as they are. Guide them, so they aim to be better in their own way without trying to copy somebody else. Below are some ways to help build confident children. 

- Be A Role Model

Arguably, the most important tool you have at your disposal. If you, as a mom or dad, walk around the house complaining about your own looks, career, and wishing you were someone else, your children will pick up on this. You are their parent, and they look up to you. If you often complain about how much you hate your ears – which they inherited. They’ll start thinking something is wrong with their ears and resent this part of their body. So, no self-deprecation around your children. Be a strong, loving role model for your children. Speak well of yourself and those around you; this positive behavior will also rub on your children.

- Encourage

In a positive manner, encourage your children to pursue their passions and dreams. Lend them a hand to achieve their goals and give them space to learn how to navigate life and goals independently. Do not take over their works of art or force them to do things for you. Let them explore this world on their own but be there for them should they need you.

- Unconditional Love

Your child flunked that science test? Oh well. Tell them it is ok for now but that you believe they can do better next time. Do not go on a yelling spell about how they should have come home with a better grade. What’s done is done. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve-s, never helped anyone. Find them a tutor or spend more time studying with them. Be supportive and show them that your love knows no limits. This will relieve their anxiety and allow them to try harder the next time.

This is all for now. These are just a few of the many tips we could give you. But we know you have to get back to life and your children. After all this reading, use our chamomile eye drops to soothe your eyes. Manzanilla Sophia, homeopathic remedies, is always there for you when you need it the most. Our chamomile homeopathic eye drops are perfect for soothing your eyes after long working hours and during family adventures. Find us on Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens. If you enjoyed this entry, share it with a fellow parent. You can also follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for more family content. What’s your favorite part about being a parent? We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below, and have a wonderful day. Happy Parenting!

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