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How You Can Introduce Yoga to Your Family

As a mom, sometimes you want to be alone just to end up with peaking heads in between door frames. Kids aren’t quite familiar with the concept of personal space. Therefore, activities like meditation or yoga are better done in the morning or at night while the children sleep. But if you find yourself craving some yoga on a Saturday morning, you could make it a family thing. Come with us and explore a few ways to introduce yoga to your family.

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Be Clever

Don’t announce it. If you make it a chore, the kids may be less inclined to partake in the activity. Simply open up some space in your living room or basement. Throw some yoga mats or blankets around the area and start stretching. The kids will eventually follow out of curiosity. Another great way to do yoga is outdoors. You could pack a few snacks and head to your nearest or favorite park. Throw a bottle of our Manzanilla Sophia chamomile eye drops in your bag to keep everyone’s eyes refreshed while at the park. Remember to be playful and fun with your kids while introducing new activities.

Use YouTube or Free Apps

There is no need to go to an actual yoga class or even follow a routine. You can simply stretch in ways that feel good to you and your family. But if you cannot come up with anything, you can follow routines or quick sessions from a wide variety of yoga classes on YouTube. Some apps range from $3.00 to $10.00 dollars and offer on-the-go practice. Choose what works for you and stick with a routine.

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Bend the Rules

At the end of the day, kids are kids. They just want to have fun and be silly. Play with them. Don’t be so harsh on the poses. Children will likely not be able to hold a perfect warrior pose, but they can have fun with a downward dog. Allow your children to express through their bodies to the best of their abilities. Soon they will find their own rhythm and let you know when they’re ready for a challenge. Keep it light, keep it fun, and have a great time.

Partner Poses

Another great way of introducing yoga to your kids is through partner poses. Kids are perfect for this as they’re small and bendy. Many poses can be used to practice this style of yoga. Here is a great video to guide you and understand how partner poses work. Practicing in pairs is a great way to build a closer bond with your children. The more you practice, the more fun you have, and everyone’s skills improve.

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The Many Benefits

Although it’s hard for kids to understand the depth of the benefits of yoga, it is essential to educate them on this from an early age. Through this practice, your kids will become healthier and more disciplined adults. By practicing yoga, children will learn to manage anxiety, improve their self-esteem, regulate their emotions, increase mindfulness, concentration, memory, and awareness. As well as the physical benefits of strength and flexibility.

Aerial Yoga

This may be a little more complex depending on your child’s comfort level with heights. Many children start with aerial yoga and move on to other activities. If fear of heights is not a problem for your kids, this is a great style to keep them engaged. They will be practicing yoga as well as having fun in the air. This exciting style of yoga allows for a much deeper muscle stretch due to the hammock itself. Inverted poses also stretch the core and muscles deeper than on-the-ground yoga. Give it a try with the family and see if it’s something that can become part of everyone’s lives.

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Thank you for learning with us. We would love to see how implementing yoga in your life helps you and your loved ones. Share your best family moments using the hashtag #ManzanillaSophia for a chance to be featured on our social media channels. Happy stretching, and don’t forget to restock on our soothing chamomile eye drops online or in person.

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