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Dear Moms, No, It’s Not Too Late! Here Are 5 Tips And 15 Different Ways To Chase Your Dreams.

Being a mom is a very fulfilling job with many incredible benefits. Seeing your child’s first step and hearing their first word cannot be replaced with anything. But women are versatile and often crave much more from life. Is that you? Do you want to raise exceptional children but also have a career or be a mompreneur? Isn’t that exciting? Manzanilla Sophia knows you can achieve your dreams with a bit of help. So today, we bring you 15 different ways to get closer to your goals. Your pre-pregnancy dreams don’t have to remain on hold forever. Roll your sleeves to get your life back with the help of Manzanilla Sophia.

But how do you do it?

We know you have all these questions. Who’s going to take care of the children? What about education and expenses? All these questions sound like a lot and can make you feel overwhelmed. But remember one foot in front of the other. With determination and consistency, you can make your dreams come true. In today’s blog, you will learn 15 proven ways to gain new skills, how to afford higher education, and what free resources you can use to chase your dreams. We believe in you! Do you? If you do, keep reading and start mapping your new life. You can do it. 

#1 - Flexibility and low cost

One of the most challenging parts of going to school for moms and single moms is the cost of tuition and lack of time. Tuition can range from $10,000 to $40,000 a year, depending on the college and career choice. But standard university is not the only way to gather skills and land your dream job.

You can use websites such as Masterclass, LinkedIn, and Coursera to learn entrepreneurship, writing, acting, marketing, and more. These websites are great because they allow you to study at your own pace. To stay consistent, set an evening or night schedule once the kids are in bed if that suits you. If not, commit to at least 1 hr of studying per day.

  • Masterclass: Masterclass offers great writing lessons, including; journalism, novels, movie scripts, social change, and more for a low annual cost of $180.00. They also have instrument, singing, and acting classes. Take advantage of it today. 
  • LinkedIn Learning: If you have a LinkedIn premium account, this is included. You can also check with your local library. Many libraries across the US offer LinkedIn Learning to their patrons.
  • Coursera: This website is excellent for getting a taste of which career you may like. You can start for free and take as many classes as you wish. If you enjoy the lessons and want to further your education, you can get Coursera Plus for $59.00 per month or $399.00 a year.  

#2 - Find a little support

If you want a career that requires higher tuition, you can apply for a grant, a scholarship, or set up a Kickstarter. These careers often require in-person study, which may add a babysitter as an expense.

These could include careers like nursing, medicine, dentistry, psychology, and science. But do not be discouraged. You can and will achieve your dream if you set your mind to it. Below are a few ways to make it happen and a few links to help you.

  • Grants: These are financial-need-based. You can receive free money from the government or a private company to pay for your studies. Anyone who can prove they need assistance and will use the funds for a good education can apply for a grant. To find grants near you and apply without a fee, use To apply, write a nice essay, make it concise and clean, and ensure it has no grammatical errors. Good Luck! 
  • Scholarships: The difference between grants and scholarships is that scholarships are merit-based. This is what kids in high school work so hard for. You need a high GPA and a good set of As to make an impression and land a good scholarship. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot apply. If you have an impressive record (even if it’s old), take a few classes, polish your skills and apply for a scholarship. You deserve it!
  • GoFundMe: If the other two options are not doable for you, you can always start a GoFundMe. Your friends and family likely want you to succeed, so they’ll be on your side. You can create a quick GoFundMe to help with tuition costs, books, or a babysitter. Believe in yourself above all!

#3 - One hundred percent free

Forget about loans and leaving the babies with a sitter. If you want to study at your own pace and for free. Choose any of these excellent platforms and opportunities. Are you good with computers, have an eye for detail, and have exceptional organizational skills? Or are you good with computers and enjoy IT?

These three options are great for self-starters and those who like to achieve their dreams on their own time. Study without a rush with Khan Academy or UoPeople.

  • Administrative Work: You could start with an administrative job and then move on to something bigger like an executive assistant or paralegal. Lawyers often prefer to hire paralegals with little to no experience so they can train them properly. What you can learn from being a paralegal is immense and will open many doors to other careers. 
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a free educational platform with many courses. You can learn IT, Coding, Software engineering, writing, and many other careers. Check them out today and start learning.
  • UoPeople: Get an undergraduate degree and only pay for tests. Isn’t that great? University of the People or UoPeople is a recognized institution where you can study business, computer science, information technology, and even get an MBA. Do not hesitate and send your application today.

#4 - Get a job that'll pay your tuition

Companies offer tuition reimbursement because it helps everyone involved. It provides better, more committed workers for the company and more opportunities for the employee. You can become eligible for promotions and better positions within your company when you further your education. 

Many companies around the US provide tuition reimbursement or help. We are providing you with three of the biggest ones but if you want to find out more, check out these companies that also assist with education costs. 

  • Amazon: You can get a job at amazon and reap many of their amazing benefits. They offer anything from employee discounts to a career choice program that can cover up to 95% of your tuition. Study anything related to IT, healthcare, mechanical trade, and amazon will have you covered.
  • Apple: Like Amazon, Apple offers its employees up to $5,250 annually in education. These funds can cover tuition at any University. You can also attend Apple University, where you can gain software, business, and financial skills. Start your search today and land your dream job.
  • FedEx Ground: With FedEx, you can get student discounts at MU, or you can also receive up to $5,250 per year to cover tuition and other educational fees. You can use the money for trade school, colleges, technical, and vocational certificates. Whatever your dream is, you can make it a reality with the help of FedEx.

#5 - Start your own business

If chasing your dreams means being a mompreneur, we’ve got you covered. There are many resources to get inspired, answer your questions, and start that small business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Choose your why, how, and what? Why are you starting this business? How will this business make other people’s lives and your own better? What will you do to achieve this goal? Build a map of your goals and work on an aspect every chance you get. Below we provide you with three awesome websites and sources to help you figure your business idea out. 

  • HubSpot: HubSpot is an excellent source for learning digital marketing. Something you’ll have to do at first. When starting your business, you’ll oversee every single aspect of it. Do not let this overwhelm you. Stay organized, plan, strategize, and get to work. Remember what French writer ​​Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” So, execute your business idea and work hard. Eventually, you’ll see your business bloom.
  • Mentoring: Build a team of mentors and people you trust so you can reach out to someone when you have questions. You can always google things, but having a small group of people who have gone through what you’re going through will be indispensable. There are many websites and sources to find help with this. Call your local library if you cannot find any help in your state. Libraries often run courses and webinars on how to start your own business. You can do it!
  • Small Business Administration: The United States Small Business Administration is here to provide you with support throughout your endeavor. Here you can find help, study, learn, and more. You can also apply for grants to get your business launched. So check out their website today to learn how to launch, manage, and grow your small business.

Manzanilla Sophia hopes this blog has inspired you to chase your dreams. We hope these steps paint a clear path for you to start building all those dreams you put on hold while being a mother. Now that your kids are a little grown and you’ve rested, it’s YOU time. If you need support or have further questions, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Have you heard about our Facebook group? We created Amigas de Manzanilla, a group where women can support each other, share tips, recipes, and build a community. Join us in Amigas to learn more about achieving your dreams. For tired eyes, choose Manzanilla Sophia. We are available at Amazon, Walgreens, and Walmart. Keep on dreaming!

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