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The Power of Chamomile

Did you know that chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the book? In fact, this remedy dates back to 1550 BC, when the Egyptians used chamomile flower extract to cure sick people and other ailments. 

Recently, it has been used more traditionally in aromatherapy teas and oils, but its use ranges from eye drops to beauty products. If you grew up in a Hispanic household, you may have even seen it used in shampoos and conditioners to naturally lighten your hair.

We’ve taken this powerful yet versatile herb to create a homeopathic solution for the strain your daily routine puts on your eyes. Sophia Manzanilla eye drops have been used for more than 30 years and today we want to share with you the reasons why:

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All Natural

When it comes to your eyes, we believe in using natural active ingredients without harmful chemicals. That’s why our natural eye remedy is infused with chamomile. Chamomile is great for sore and tired eyes due to its soothing properties. This homeopathic remedy is sure to provide you with eye strain relief and more.


Our eye drops not only provide relief, but also help remove external impurities like dust, smog, and pollen. By applying one to two drops of Sophia Manzanilla to each eye at night, your eyes will be clean and ready for a beautiful morning the next day.


Leave it to chamomile and its calming properties to soothe and refresh your eyes. Working women deserve a break, and so do their eyes. Give yourself a fresh and soothing feeling using our chamomile eye drops and renew your eyes using our natural formula.

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Take care of your eyes daily with Chamomile Sophia. It’s great not only for you, but for the whole family! Our chamomile-infused formula is safe and will give you the relief and cleanse you need.

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Try the Power of Chamomile for Yourselves!

With Manzanilla Sophia Eye Drops, your eyes will feel renewed.

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