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Using Sunday To Ensure Weekly Success

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Sundays can feel like lazy days when we just want to lie around in bed and do nothing. But can you imagine how productive your week could be if you prepared some stuff ahead? We know it can be difficult, but you’ll thank us on Monday. Read through these tips to get yourself and your family ready for a successful week.

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Check their Bags

Make sure the kids have done their homework. Sign every piece of paper they need signed by a parent. Children often forget to obtain signatures from their parents and forget about their homework. So, on Sunday morning, check everyone’s bags and make sure they are ready for school.

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Meal Prep

Preparing food ahead will spare you time throughout the week to relax and spend quality time with your family after a long day of work. You can prepare easy things like lasagna, big salads, tacos, or more. If you are not sure how meal prepping works, check this other blog on our website, which will give you great tips on meal prepping.

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Say No to Chaos

Children frequently leave their rooms in a very messy state. In order to have a successful week, everyone must have a clean, chaos-free environment. Pick one hour and have everyone do house chores. If you need help on how to introduce chores to your family, read this blog. Work as a team. The children can clean their room first and then help you with the rest of the house. Once your home is clean, take a nice relaxing break. If you did a lot of dusting, apply one or two soothing chamomile eye drops to relax and cleanse your eyes.

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This may sound counterproductive, but spending some quiet time meditating can make everyone’s week better. Meditation and breathing exercises can positively impact how your children handle difficult situations, thereby improving everyone’s quality of life. You don’t have to spend a long time meditating. Take 5-15 minutes of your day to start and make it a family activity. Do your practice in the mornings before starting your day, and soon you and your family will notice a difference. Yoga is another alternative that you may want to try.

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One thing you don’t want to find out Monday morning is that the husband’s suits/work uniforms and kids’ school uniforms are dirty. While cleaning, ask the children to bring down their laundry. Ensure that all uniforms and any outfits necessary throughout the week are clean. Ask the kids for help with easy tasks such as separating and folding t-shirts and pairing socks.

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Self Care

Now that everything is ready and everyone is set up for a successful week, it’s time to treat yourself. Grab some candles, incense, Manzanilla Sophia, a cooling eye mask, and a chamomile mask. Take some time to soak in a bath, wash the day off, and let our soothing chamomile eye drops relax and cleanse your eyes. After your bath, you can read your favorite book or watch your favorite show now that your eyes are rested.

Implement these tips once a week and enjoy the benefits of setting your family up for success. In the end, everyone will be happy, organized, and the family will run much smoother. If you try these tips and enjoy them, send us a dm or leave us a comment on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Use our Hashtag #ManzanillaSophia.

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