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8 Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea You Must Know. Number 4 Is So Important!

Chamomile has been used for centuries as a remedy thanks to its many health benefits. It is a member of the daisy family and is native to Europe and Asia. There are two main species of chamomile used for medicinal purposes. German chamomile (matricaria chamomilla) and Roman chamomile (chamaemelum nobile). 

Learn 8 of the many benefits that chamomile offers in Manzanilla Sophia’s blog. Keep reading to learn how this plant can help anything from a sore throat to blood sugar levels. Let’s dive in and learn more about chamomile and why we chose it as the main ingredient in our eye drops. Let’s go!

How does chamomile tea work?

Is chamomile tea healthy? Yes! Chamomile’s many benefits stem from its high content in flavonoids. These are naturally-occurring-compounds found in many fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are also in plant products like wine, tea, and chocolate. They’re high in antioxidants and can decrease the risk of chronic health conditions.

Chamomile is also very high in apigenin, a compound that helps with anxiety and has anti-cancer properties. It can also help with many skin conditions when used on the skin. So, don’t wait any longer. Brew some chamomile tea and let’s get to the full list. Here are the best 8 benefits you can get from sipping on this delicious tea. 

#1 – Slows osteoporosis

Chamomile tea has been found to decrease the risk of osteoporosis. A disease that causes loss of bone density. Osteoporosis is often seen in post-menopausal women who may be prone to its effects. A 2004 study found that the anti-estrogenic properties in chamomile tea were believed to increase bone density. Even though more research must be conducted to verify these findings, they are great news. Chamomile tea is something you can add to your diet if you enjoy a warm cup of tea anyways. 

#2 – Relieves dysmenorrhoea

Dysmenorrhoea is a medical term for menstrual pain. This pain can range from very mild to debilitating. A study conducted by Samira Ebrahimzadeh and Ensiyeh Jenabi at the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, concluded that chamomile reduces menstrual discomfort. Consuming it for this purpose also has the added benefit of lowering anxiety and stress. To ease up your cramps you can consume 250 mg of chamomile every 8 hours. Give this natural remedy a try and watch your symptoms slow down. Do what you love thanks to the power of chamomile.

#3 – Reducing inflammation

On top of having a delicious aroma and flavor, chamomile tea can also reduce inflammation in your body. This is one of the main reasons why Manzanilla Sophia is made with this powerful herb. Chamomile reduces inflammation by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for it. This makes it a great remedy for people suffering from sciatica or rheumatic pain.

#4 – Lowers blood sugar

Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea every day, slows down the advance of diseases like high blood sugar and diabetes. Because of this chamomile is good for diabetic of hyperglycemic patients.  It helps thanks to its effects on glycemic control. So, chamomile tea combined with physical activity, proper diet and weight loss can help you battle the symptoms of diabetes.

#5 – Promotes sleep

Do you have a hard time falling asleep every night? Consider adding a warm cup of tea an hour before your desired bed time. You may even prepare an herbal latte if you warm up some oat or soy milk and froth it. Treat yourself to a relaxing book, tea, and a couple refreshing eye drops before bed. The reason chamomile aids in sleep is because it’s a mild tranquilizer. This is due to its amazing flavonoid apigenin which also has incredible anti-cancer benefits.

#6 – Skin conditions

Can you believe the list’s still going? Chamomile has so many benefits it’s hard not to love this herb. Next on the list of best chamomile benefits we have, skin disorders. Roman chamomile is the best for these necessities. This plant can help with acne, redness, and dark spots. Choose an organic chamomile extract as your neck and face moisturizer and watch your skin glow.

#8 – Sore Throats

Nothing is better than a warm cup of chamomile tea and some chicken soup when you are not feeling well. Chamomile tea can help you whether you have a cold or allergies. All you need to do is bring a cup of water to a gentle boil, steep a bag or tea or fresh leaves, then a squeeze of lemon and a dash of honey. Mix all the ingredients well and enjoy. This drink will help your throat and will make you feel warm inside. 

Do you have other ways to use this amazing remedy? Do you remember your grandma or mom brewing chamomile at home? Tell us your stories. Leave a comment here or share it on Facebook. We hope this blog helps you understand the many health benefits of chamomile tea. 

Make sure you choose organic, pesticide free chamomile flowers or tea bags. These products will deliver the most benefits to your body without any harmful chemicals, just like Manzanilla Sophia. Got questions about our chamomile eye drops? Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

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