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8 Ways to Relax With Your Family

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Parents are often busy and lack time to take care of themselves. Full-time jobs and more than one child can be challenging for most. In today’s blog, we’ve gathered a few activities that can be done with the children while relaxing. These are low effort activities that will leave you relaxed and provide a great bonding time for the family. Continue reading to learn how to make the best of your family time with Manzanilla Sophia.

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1) Family Spa Day

If you’ve been cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, working, grocery shopping, and more without a break for longer than 4 weeks, it’s time you take care of yourself. Set a day aside to take the family for a pedicure, a massage, or do it in the comfort of your own home with these great tips from Manzanilla Sophia. A spa day has fantastic benefits to your body and psyche. Your skin, as well as your mental health, will be improved. Don’t have time for a full spa day? Make a facemask by mixing the content of 2 chamomile tea bags and raw honey, then relax with the kids.

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Depending on the age of your children, this can become more exciting. Older kids can play more complex board games such as monopoly or guess who. Younger children will still be able to participate, but ensure the games are age-appropriate. Set up a few snacks around the table, wear something comfy, set some music, and have a great game night with your loved ones.

2) Game Night
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3) Read Together

Everyone has a favorite book. Sometimes we share the same feeling, and sometimes we don’t. Find a book that everyone enjoys and set some time aside each week to read it as a family. This will also be a great reading exercise if you have children learning to read or who simply need more practice. If you are reading in low light, use our chamomile eye drops on your eyes to keep them refreshed.

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4) Learn Something New

Choose a new craft and learn it as a family. Preferably something that no one has experience with so that everyone has a beginner’s mindset. This could be photography, pottery, woodworking, fishing, or any other activity that everyone is inclined to do.

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5) Arts and Crafts

As a family, you can take on watercolors, oil painting, sticker making, pasta art, anything that is easy and requires little preparation from you – the parent. Set a space in the house to keep all the supplies you and the children will need for crafting. A small corner with a basket to keep everything in will do. You can then easily sit down and do your crafts without pulling things out, which is a deterrent.

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6) Be Silly

Crack each other up! Sit around the living room, share your funniest stories, or tell your best jokes. You can also prepare plays or play dress-up with the kids. Simply let go and think back about all the things you wanted to do when you were little. Make your children’s day by letting your inner child out to share some meaningful time with them.

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7) Cook a New Meal

Is there a meal the entire family loves, but it’s usually eaten out? There is nothing like home-cooked meals. So choose one that everybody loves, add a spin, and get the family together for a cook-up. The children can assist with proper supervision in the preparation of ingredients. If you don’t feel like cooking an entire meal, make cookies, a pie, or something that can be done with the kids. We love this Chamomile cupcake recipe. Give it a go and tell us how it went.

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8) Show Your Best Moves

Dance parties are not reserved for the clubs! Gather your best outfits and hit the floor – of your living room – with your best dance moves. You can work on a playlist a few days ahead, or you may simply look up a pre-made playlist on services like Pandora, Youtube, or Spotify. You can have healthy snacks and drinks for everyone around the house. If you want to go one step further, you could even order a disco ball from Amazon. Since you’re already there, don’t forget to add a box of Manzanilla Sophia eye drops to your cart.

It has been great sharing this list with you. Thank you for reading our blogs and being a loyal customer. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #ManzanillaSophia to show us what Manzanilla does for you and have a chance to be showcased on our Social Media.

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