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Meal Prep Options for the Family

When it comes to food, it can be difficult to please everyone at home. But with proper planning, you can ensure the entire family has something delicious to look forward to. Preparing your meals ahead of time can save you time during the week, keep your stress low, and boost your productivity. Let Manzanilla Sophia show you how to make your meal prepping days easy and fun.

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Plan and Ask
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Set aside a day each week to make a meal plan that suits everyone. Ask your family what their preferred meals are. Everyone can sit around the table and quickly decide what they would like, or they can write it on a board before a due date each week. While you shop, don’t forget to grab a bottle of chamomile eye drops from your nearest store. You can also alternate the meals by choosing one person per day of the week. That day, the family eats what that family member has picked. Of course, always being mindful of individual needs, allergies, and cost.

The Small Stuff

Don’t forget the little but crucial things such as seasonings, sauces, spices, snacks, and drinks. Make sure to include something for everyone. Will you need mint or chamomile tea, soda or lemonade, decaf or regular? All these details will save you time if you write things down before leaving home instead of just heading to the store and deciding what to cook and buy there.

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Protein is King
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One simple way to ensure everyone is well-fed while saving time is cooking protein-based meals. Choose your protein, cook as desired, and serve with simple yet deliciously healthy sides such as salads, vegetables, steamed rice, steamed broccoli, whole-wheat pasta, or homemade fries. The options are endless, but they all revolve around the main protein.

Choose Fresh Ingredients

Make sure to offer a substitution for your children’s desired snacks. Dried or fresh fruits instead of candy and fruit popsicles instead of dairy ice cream are a few good examples. Low-calorie chips, seeds, fruit rolls, fruit pops, and other snacks are great options to keep the little ones happy. Make sure to buy enough supplies for the entire week, so you don’t end up in one of those dreaded last-minute grocery store trips.

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Prep in Bulk
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This is great for saving time during the week. For example, prepare lots of shrimp, ground beef, or grilled chicken for tacos, cut up all toppings, and store them in containers. If you cook enough protein, everyone can prepare tacos, burritos, or salad bowls on the go. Casseroles, savory pies, and lasagnas are also great dishes to cook in bulk.

Key Ingredients

Choose recipes that use the same ingredients, so you can prepare multiple meals at the same time. Lasagna and spaghetti meatballs or tacos and burritos. Buying similar ingredients can save you time and effort by cooking the same type of sauce, pasta, or veggies at the same time for multiple dishes.

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